The Afterparty (Titles)
Daniel Pemberton
1The Afterparty (Titles)
2Danner Arrives
3Mind Movies
4Suspicious Times
5Aniq’s Rom-Com World
6Remembering Xavier
7Aniq’s Prelude to a Kiss
8Aniq and the Balloons
9The Afterparty (Chamber)
10Brett Scoping the Party
11Brett’s Fists of Fury
12Two Shots
13Yeah Sure Whatever
14Three Dots from Stardom
15Chelsea’s Feeling Threatened
16Chelsea’s Hip Flask
17Chelsea’s Stalker
18Someone’s Watching You, Chelsea
19Indigo’s Visions
20The Usual Suspects
21High School Band Breakup
22Put Yourself Out There, Walt
23Stoner Zoe
24Zoe’s Self Hug
25Danner Training Course
26Danner’s On Patrol
27Maggie’s Kids Eye World
29I Did Not Kill Anyone
30One Clue Revealed
34The Afterparty (End Credits)